Design Thinking Project 2017/18

Human Centric Lighting research project with the University of St. Gallen

The application of scientific findings on the topic of the “Biological Effect of Light” are still in their infancy in some areas. The University of St. Gallen and LEDVANCE have therefore come together and are cooperating in a design thinking research project on the question:

How can we design Human Centric Lighting for older people in order to support age-appropriate living and to prolong the period of independent living in their own home?

Human Centric Lighting research project with the University of St. Gallen

Self-determined and independent living is the goal of many (older) people today. Continuous prevention of illness and the possibility to remain and live in one’s own home are part of this life style. Modern technology such as Human Centric Lighting can support this life style and is accepted in general by science. Despite this, HCL has only been used to date in professional environments, such as retirement homes for example. The objective of the Design Thinking Project is to examine how this technology and the concept of HCL can be made accessible to everyone – with the emphasis on older people.

What is the potential of Human Centric Lighting?

  • Avoidance of accidents: Increase safety by reducing the risk of a fall
  • Support for all daily activity that requires good vision
  • Reinforcement of the circadian rhythm of (older) people with positive impact on (chronic) illnesses and illness prevention
  • Increased independence and autonomy of older people with the goal of extending their lifetime in their own homes
  • Enhanced general well-being of (older) people at home
  • Probable reduced risk of the occurrence of illnesses like Alzheimer’s


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